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Equipment List

Please contact me if you are interested in renting any of the following items for your production.

- RED Komodo Cinema Camera Kit

- Sony FX6 Cinema Camera Kit

- SmallHD 702 Bright w. Director's Cage

- SmallHD 702 Touch

- Atomos Ninja V Kit

- Zeiss ZE (Cine-Modded) Lenses

21mm f2.8

35mm f1.4

50mm f1.4

85mm f1.4

- Sirui Anamorphics Lenses

35mm T2.9

50mm T2.9

75mm T2.9

100mm T2.9

- CamGear Elite V15 Tripod

- Ronin S3 Pro Gimbal with Ring

- Tilta Mirage Mattebox w. VND

- Tilta MB-12 Clip-On Mattebox (LMB equivalent)

- Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

- Tilta Onboard Follow Focus

- Teradek Bolt 750 4K LT: Tx + Rx

- Accsoon Wireless Tx & Rx

- 2x 135wh V-Mount Batteries

- 2x 216wh V-Mount Batteries

- 4x 98wh Mini V-Mount Batteries

- 2x 98wh V-Mount Batteries

- 2x Dual V-Mount Chargers

Sigma Art:

- 24-70mm f2.8 (E-Mount)


- 35-150mm f2.0-2.8 (E-Mount)

- Sigma E-Mount to EF-Mount Adapter

1x Aputure 600D Pro

1x Aputure 600C Pro

2x Aputure Nova P300C

1x Aputure 4ft Infinibar 8-Light Kit

1x Aputure MC 4-Light Kit

1x Aputure B7c 8-Light Kit

2x Amaran F22c

2x Amaran F21c

2x Aputure Light Dome II

1x F10 Fresnel + Barndoors

1x Aputure Lantern

1x Amaran Lantern for F22c

7x C-Stands

4x Baby C-Stands

2x Manfrotto Light Stands

3x Apple Box Sets

Assorted Gels

Flags/ Silks

3x3 Floppy

3x3 Frames


Pony Clamps

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